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M. P. Short, R. G. Ballinger. A Functionally Graded Composite for Service in Advanced Lead-Bismuth Reactors, Part I: Design. Nuclear Technology, 0(0) pp. (2012).
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M. P. Short, S. E. Ferry, S. Morton, R. G. Ballinger. Diffusional stability of ferritic martensitic steel composite for service in advanced lead bismuth cooled nuclear reactors. International Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering, 4(2) pp. 74-80 (2010).
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B.W. Brisson, R.G. Ballinger, A.R. McIlree. IGSCC Crack Initiation in Mill Annealed Alloy 600 Tubing in High Temperature Caustic. Corrosion, 54(7) pp. 504-514 (1998).
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M. M. Morra, R. G. Ballinger and I. S. Hwang. INCOLOY 908, a Low Coefficient of Expansion Alloy for High-Strength Cryogenic Applications: Part I. Physical Metallurgy. Metallurgical and Materials Trans. A, 23(1) pp. 3177-3192 (1992).
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